Friday, April 23, 2010

A blog post to lift your spirits!

I just had to share this beautiful post from one of my favorite bloggers....



  1. thank you for sharing the's a lovely post and has given me much food for thought.


  2. Hi, Missy. I just discovered your link to my post and wanted to come say Thank You and to check out your lovely blog. I am just amazed at the dollhouse you are building---it is gorgeous! And I also enjoyed your spiritual writings and like very much what you say in your header about theology being a matter of faith seeking understanding. Sometimes I struggle in my understanding, but I guess the important thing is to keep seeking. And I do.

    Thanks again for your kind words about my post.

  3. What a lovely blog! I too live in husband & I moved to Cookeville in 2009 from WI. I am a miniaturist and a member of NAME, are you? I have been making little things my whole life, but making minis as an adult since 1999 when a friend invited me to join a local club. My specialty is pottery on my mini potter's wheel. When we had landscaping done in our yard last year, I took hard TN orange clay, worked it up and have made some tiny pots with it. Will you be attending the 3 Blind Mice mini show in Nashville in July 2011? Have you ever been to the Chicago mini shows?

  4. Woo hoo, a miniaturist in Cookeville (my home town) from WI (where I spent summers as a child), and a mini show in Nashville (for the first time in my memory)! I didn't know 3BM was going to be here - they were in Knoxville last time I went. I'm supposed to work the days of the show, but I'll request to be off. I went to Chicago Intl in 2006, I think. That was miniature heaven! We have to meet, Joni! My dad still lives in Cookeville, and I'm there pretty often. Contact me through my website (shown in my complete profile on the left side of the page). I don't want to give out my email for the public to see.

  5. It was so nice meeting you & your dad, seeing the beautiful Glencroft and talking minis! We sure do have alot in commom, don't we!
    I hope you can get off for the mini show in July! Let me know! :) I'm looking forward to it! :)