Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Camera for Taking Pictures of Miniatures

Just got this camera yesterday and have been playing with it.  Here are a couple examples of pictures of miniatures that I took using the supermacro mode.  No tripod needed - the antishake/stablization system worked perfectly!

Olympus Stylus 7040 Camera

I got it for $129 from Amazon, ordered Fri and arrived Mon with free shipping!

Miniatures made by Nantasy Fantasy

China by Christopher Whitford, peonies by Michele Carter, pottery plate by Jane Graber, pottery vase by Joni Heitz, table by Bob Carlisle.
It also takes excellent pictures of full size things...


Panoramic shots...

And special effects...  the camera took this line drawing in line drawing mode.  I did no editing at at, except a slight crop.

It also does HD video clips with sound!


  1. Thanks for visiting my site. I became a follower to your neat site. I love the little tea cozy in the other post. So tiny so cute. Will be back to visit. LJ

  2. Thank you, Lady Jane! I enjoyed your website too, and I noticed you and I like lots of the same music, movies, and books. :-) I love the Mitford books, especially the first one!