Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kazak Rug in Progress

This is a dollhouse rug I've been working on using Hand-Dyed Fibers, luscious silk threads with subtle color variations perfect for this tiny scale.  The gauze is 48 threads per inch.  This particular rug will always bring back memories of my dad, as I've stitched a large portion of it while staying at his house during the last two months of his life.  It will also bring back memories of all the wonderful people who came to help out and stumbled on the world of miniatures - my mother's dollhouse displayed in the living room, and me with my special stitching lamp and my jeweler's loupe stuck in the middle of my forehead (when not stitching).  One of the last things my father said as he examined this rug was that he would like to see our family crest done in petitpoint....  I don't know, Daddy, maybe some day when I have lots and lots of spare time!  Click to see the full-size picture.