Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daily joys

I don't have much to add today - was out of town yesterday for a meeting and dinner with my mother.  In the midst of daily mundane life, however, there are always the little joys, and animal lovers might enjoy these pictures of my dog and my cat on their daily walk together.  Rosie needs her leash to stay on track, but Schatzi almost always comes along, alternately leading, following, and rolling over in the midst of those dangerous doggie feet!


Following, sort of:

Living dangerously!

Here's to our furry friends!


  1. Hello Missy! I just discovered you're one of 4 followers on my blog and thought I'd write to say thank you. :) I see one of your interests is petitpoint and I can't remember if I've seen your name on the Yahoo petitpointers group I belong to. If you're not a member there, you might find it interesting and inspirational. I sure do - it's my favorite on-line group. Also, I didn't see a link to your website that you mention in your profile. Could you direct me to that?

    Mary Lynne

  2. Hi Mary Lynne, if you click on view complete profile in the about me section, my website is there on the left side of the page. Just to make it easy for you, it's www.miniaturehome.com. Petitpointers is the group where I learned to stitch and design, but I'm not currently a member. Thanks for visiting my blog! I've enjoyed keeping up with your journey.