Friday, January 21, 2011

What I'm Reading

My sister asked for Merry Hall for Christmas, so I gave it to her and borrowed it to read.  ;-)  Beverley Nichols has written many books, and this the first of his second trilogy - am I confusing you?  Anyway, it's hilarious.  It's set in post WWII England, and is the story of his experiences restoring the garden of an old estate he's just purchased.  I've ordered books 2 and 3 for myself...

The other book I've just finished is Jeanne M. Dams' latest Dorothy Martin mystery. These are set in England in the present day. She is also working on a series of Hilda Johansson mysteries, set in South Bend, IN around the turn of the twentieth century.


  1. I absolutely LOVE Beverly Nichols! I discovered his books when I was in my early twenties, and just devoured every one of them. His stories about his cats and gardens are delightful, and phrases will come back to me from time to time - the Indian boy, and "I'd have bought it if it had been a pair". (I think the dear man is dead now?)

  2. Yes, I believe the dear man is long dead, but living on in his books. If you like soft mysteries, you would probably like Jeanne Dams' books too. One of the Dorothy Martin mysteries (Malice in Miniature) even has a doll house in it.