Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back wall almost finished!

I spent today cutting tiny pieces of wood.  Not as relaxing as tiny stitches, but more visible progress.  :-)  There are just a few more pieces to cut, and I'll be ready to start the side walls.  I'll also have to see if I can get the basement stairs out of the first house without damaging them.  Fingers crossed that they'll fit with this new wall.  With luck, the stair landing will be the right height for the door.  (I did measure, but my measurements have been known to be wrong, as you can see by the original placement of the door, and the patch in the wall.)

Of course the real basement was poured concrete.  I'll cover the studs in the basement and make it look like concrete.  The door shown here is not the one that will be used - I'm just using this one for sizing purposes.

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  1. Wow, Missy, the walls look great! How cool that you're building your house with studs --Funny, but I have been thinking about building a model of my beloved childhood home using that method, since the house was timber-framed. (But first things first...I've barely even started Merriman Park)! Keep up the good work!