Monday, February 22, 2010

New Baby Girl

Today's the day for packages to arrive!  This darling little baby girl, just under 2 inches tall, came today.  She will be needing some clothes, since the outfit I have won't fit over her head or legs.  I'll have to wrap her in a blanket for now.  I do have a cradle for her if I can find it....  She was made by Alicia Singleton of AllieBeanDolls.  She's beautiful in pictures, but even seeing her in person, I can't believe how delicate and perfect she is!


  1. Aww!! She's lovely! Has she got a name yet? The good thing about doll's house babies is that you can just keep on collecting them...

  2. Not sure about a name yet, but she's cuddled up in a cozy blanket in her little cradle. She's a very good baby. Slept all night!

  3. Hi Missy, Glad you are joining the Design Tatting group. I'm from the last class and I learned a lot from Sharon, I'm sure you will too. Check out my Doll House Doilies in my Etsy shop under TattingsFinest. Marie

  4. absolutely lovely!!!!!!