Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rug Stitching Progress

I've made a new start on some petitpoint, and have gotten lots of stitching done during the Olympics.  The odd thing is that I haven't made any mistakes during the Olympics, but when the late news comes on, I'm doomed!  The colors aren't showing up very well in the photo, but at least it gives a general idea.  This is done on 48 ct silk gauze using Hand Dyed Fibers


  1. This is very pretty. I love the intricate patterns and rug colors. Silk gauze rugs are gorgeous in general and this one looks like it is going to be just like its relatives. Keep up the good work!

    By the late news, you are tired, that's why you make mistakes then.

  2. When I saw this was a rug in 48-count silk gauze, I wondered how big of a rug could you be working on! Then, I saw you focus on miniatures & it makes sense. The colors look good to me & I love the design.

  3. I looked for an email address to respond to your comment about Norm Abram. Sadly, he is retiring. I don't know if it is health related (he sounded out of breath a lot in his most recent show) or if he simply has decided "it's time." I loved Saturday lunch hours, because I could sit and have a sandwich and watch the New Yankee Workshop show. I learned a lot from him! Thanks for following my blog! By the way, did you find my post about the Scrooge room? I did the petitpoint fire screen in that room box all on my own!

  4. Oh, no, George, that's too bad about Norm Abram. I'm still seeing him on This Old House - is he going to stop that too? No, I didn't see the Scrooge room. I'll go look for it now.

    Heheh, by the late news, I'm just waking up good. You're probably right though, that I'm tired, after stitching from 7 to 10. Maybe cross-eyed would be more accurate. :-)

    Thanks, Chilly Hollow and Melita, for the kind words! By the way, Melita, your Pooh Bear is adorable!